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Watch: 101-year-old takes riding assessment

Watch: 101-year-old takes riding assessment


CENTENARIAN Jock Stares still rides his scooter in the Welsh Valleys. So how will he do in a riding assessment?

Not perfectly, it turns out.

Jock marked his 101st birthday with the assessment and made a series of errors including leaving his indicator on and riding straight over speed humps without slowing. Told he had stopped in a ‘keep clear’ area, he at first disagreed with the examiner before saying: “I’m in a what area?”

The assessment, carried out by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa), featured in epdisode one of three-part ITV documentary 100 Year Old Driving School, aired last night and still available to watch online.

His 28-year-old examiner cleared him as safe to continue riding despite the errors, telling him: “Yes you’re riding is up to a good standard but, like I said, there’s that room for improvement with regards to the observations.”

Watch: 101-year-old takes riding assessment

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